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Nevada Product Lines


Patton & Cooke: Low and Medium Voltage IMG Mining and Industrial power couplers, cabling systems, network connectors, aviation markers, and cutouts.


TMEIC: Medium-voltage variable frequency AC drives, DC drives, Inductions and synchronous motors, Power converters and Generators, and controllers. 


Hioki USA: Makers of Power Quality Analyzers (PQA); Insulation Testing; Data Acquisition Recorders; Power Demand Meters; Data Loggers; AM Meters; Volt Meters; Clamp-Ons; Digital Multimeters; Meters; Testers; Field Use Measurement Instruments; Electronic Measurement, Recorders and Automatic Test Equipment.


Trystar Cable: Specializing in Ground Cable, MV Cable and Low/Medium-voltage Portable Power Solutions. 


Travis UGD: Specializing in Ground Clamps, Grounding Components, Utility Tools, and Hot Stick Assemblies. Nearly all of our Aluminum and Bronze parts are casted, machined, and assembled right in house. Producing high quality US manufacturers parts with shorter lead times. 


Crown Electric: Industry Leader in Power House Switchgear & Iso-phase Bus Duct Design, Manufacturing and Installation. 


National Breaker Services: Industry Leader in Switchgear & Circuit Breaker Life Extension from 480 V to 38 kV.

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