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Join GE’s next Tech Talk on integrating relays into VFD-driven motors

Considerations for Integrating Protective Relays into VFD-Driven Motors

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) – also known as adjustable speed drives (ASD) - provide significant advantages such as reduced starting currents and adjustable speed control for the operation of induction/synchronous motors, but present additional challenges around process control and efficiency. Protection relays provide additional functionality and monitoring to ASD-driven motors such as enhanced current protection (differential) and monitoring of electrical, mechanical, and thermal motor aspects. Join GE expert JC Theron for a live webinar and Q&A session on the considerations for integrating protective relays into a VFD-driven motor, part of our ongoing series of Tech Talks to refresh your knowledge on key protection and control fundamentals. In this session, learn about:

  • Types of ASD systems, and their benefits and applications

  • Protection zones in ASD systems, with protection recommendations and unique considerations for each

  • Additional electrical and mechanical functions that can be added on ASD-driven motors by means of electrical signature analysis, allowing real-time motor condition monitoring

Register for this Tech Talk June 23, 2021 at 2 pm ET/11 am PT

JC Theron Senior Technical Applications Manager JC has 28+ years’ experience in transmission, distribution, transformer, bus and rotating machines protection applications support, system designs and transient system testing. He has worked in a variety of roles around the globe, including South Africa’s Eskom, Alstom T&D in the US, and Hydro One in Canada. He is a Member of the IEEE, and received the degree of Electrical and Electronic Engineer from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa in 1991.Sign up for the Grid Passport to access other industry expert talks, tools and videos. For the latest industry advancements & insights from GE thought leaders, follow us on LinkedIn & Twitter

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